Navratri Special on Reliance India Call’s voice portal-Dial 01234


Reliance India Call provides high quality international long distance phone service at affordable rates. Celebrate ‘Navratri’, a festival of worship and dance with Reliance India Call.  Reliance India Call users can now download ringtones, listen and dedicate Navratri special songs, know the significance of the festival in the Trivia section in different languages which include English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada & Telugu through Reliance India Call’s Navratri special on reliance india’s voice portal- Dial 01234.

Dial 01234 is a Voice Portal which provides Reliance India Call user’s with a range of services for entertainment and information with a collection of speech enabled applications. Dial 01234 service of Reliance India Call provides the latest information/news on Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket, devotional and Jokes. To access Reliance India Call’s voice portal just dial the Toll Free/Toll Access number followed by 01234. To know more about Dial 01234 go to Reliance India Call.


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