Reliance India Call: long distance phone service to India

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Reliance India Call Service is designed in such a way that Reliance India’s prepaid service meets all the needs of the people who prefer to buy calling cards. Reliance India Call service is far superior to any other calling card provider’s service.  Long distance calls to India offered by reliance communications India has excellent voice quality. Reliance India Calling service has no hidden charges, which means that there is no connection charges, no monthly minimum,  no account maintenance fees etc.

Ten lucky winners will get a chance to chat LIVE with the captain of Indian cricket team ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni’ if recharged or registered with Reliance India Call. That isn’t all 500 lucky winners will get any one of the cricket merchandise which includes cricket bats, miniature bats, T-shirts, caps etc which is personally autographed by Dhoni. All that is needed is, just Dial 01234 and answer a few simple questions on Reliance India Call’s voice portal before 24th Oct 2007 23:59 hrs IST.

The service of reliance India Call is available in England, Wales and across the world i.e. to over 200 countries. You can get upto 100 mins free talktime through reliance India call’s “Ganpati Bappa Moore Ya” offer, all you need to do is- just recharge or register with $10(£5) or more between 21st September 2007, 17:00 Hrs IST and 11th October 2007 23:59 Hrs. IST.


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