Reliance India Call’s “Chak de Phatte” contest for the people in Canada

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Good news for the Canadians, there is a chance for “a couple” to win tickets to the Harbhajan Maan concert which is on 6th Oct 2007 in Toronto, all you need to do is just recharge or register with $25 or more before 2nd Oct’07 23:59 hrs IST and call up Reliance India Call’s voice portal, dial 01234 and enter the “Chak de Phatte” contest. Then on voice prompt mention your unique serial number which you got while recharging or registering and answer a few simple questions.

Harbhajan Mann is a popular Punjabi singer and film actor. He started his singing career in Canada. Popular songs of Harbhjan Maan include Haaye Meri Billo, Husn Jawani Maalomaa & Chithiye Ni Chithiyee.  Reliance India Call’s ‘Chak De Phatte’ contest is available only for the prepaid customers in Canada. Register or recharge with Reliance India Call to win free tickets to the Harbhajan Maan concert.

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