Reliance India Call offers web-based calling service to call India from abroad

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Reliance India Call, the international long distance calling service which offers calls to over 200 countries has an active and loyal base of over 1.2 Million Global customers, which was achieved by them by consistently delivering on superior customer benefits and value. The service of Reliance India Call can be accessed from any phone including the cellular phone by dialing the Access number, as specified in the applicable service guide of Reliance India Call. There isn’t any problem even if you retain your existing long distance service provider. Reliance India Call offers different payment options through credit/debit card and the account can be managed online.  

In case of calls to India, Reliance India Call has its own state–of-the-art-network which ensures that the calls to India are of superior quality. Reliance India Call even carries the calls to non Reliance numbers farther on their network than any other similar service providers. Reliance India Call has no hidden costs and the rates offered by them are also very competitive.Calls to different countries other than India can also be made using the same account. For more information on call rates from UK go to Reliance India Call. The rates per minute to call India inclusive of VAT are given in the table below.

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