Reliance India Call offers the speed-dial feature-EasyDial

Reliance India Call offers a speed-dial feature “EasyDial” which allows its customers to store and easily dial their 10 most important contacts in India. To setup EasyDial one has to login to “My Account” and select the ‘EasyDial’ menu option and then enter the contact’s name. Then select a short code, which can be any number up to 3 digits for the contact. Finally enter the contact’s phone number starting with the country code (‘91’ for India).

To use the EasyDial service, simply dial the Reliance India Call access number. If you are calling from an unregistered phone number then enter your registered phone number and PIN. When prompted for destination number you just need to enter the EasyDial short code. There is no extra charge for availing this service from Reliance India Call.

“Reliance India Call” is a highly reliable fibre optic network providing seamless connectivity between four continents. The Reliance India call’s network fully encircles the globe, which enables seamless traffic delivery. Reliance India Call provides the best service for the calls to India at the most affordable rates around. Reliance India Call has implemented an extensive range of measures to ensure maximum availability and minimum disruption to its customers. Enjoy the ultimate India calling experience with Reliance India Call.

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