Calling India-made easy with Reliance India Call, Services now also in Hawaii and Alaska


Reliance India Call has now launched their services in Hawaii and Alaska after their successful operations in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, there by bringing the world even closer. The call quality of Reliance India Call is excellent. The call rate offered by Reliance India Call to call India from USA is 7.4 cents per minute if Reliance Network is being used and 7.9 cents for other networks, the call rate is the same for calling a landline number or a mobile number. Reliance India Call has one minute rounding. The call rates of Reliance India Call include all fees (except taxes) and toll free access. The call rates of Reliance India Call to other countries are also good and hard to beat for its high quality service.

Reliance India call assures crystal clear communication and instant connectivity at any time. For more information on calling rates from US (Mainland), Hawaii and Alaska visit their website Reliance India Call.

Reliance India Call has put forward an offer called call & save in which the call rate to call India is only 7.4 cents*. One need to dial reliance India call’s “call & save number” i.e. the toll access number and then follow the voice instructions to reach the destination number to avail this offer which is valid only from 5th September 2007 to 25th September 2007.

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