Reliance India call- The most convenient way to make long distance calls to India

Reliance India Call provides the most convenient means to communicate with your loved ones and friends when you are far away from your homeland. Reliance has its own highly reliable fibre-optic network which provides seamless connectivity between four continents. The network of Reliance India Call encircles the globe as a whole, which enables seamless traffic delivery both eastward and westward of Reliance owned FLAG submarine cable network. Reliance promises its customers reliable high quality service through their on-net international backup media.

The reliance India call provides long distance international calling service especially to India. The service of reliance India can be accessed through any phone service including mobile phones by dialing the toll-free number, as specified in the applicable service guide.  The features of Reliance India Call include online account management, instant connectivity, 24-hour customer service, instant connectivity, PIN less dialing, affordable rates etc. Reliance Communications International Inc, an affiliate company of Reliance Infocomm Ltd of India also provides reliance india calling card.

In order to use the service of Reliance India Call one need to sign up by visiting their website or alternatively one can dial the customer service executive of Reliance India and can get help from them. There are two payment options, Prepaid and Pay after use. Reliance India also provides reliance india phone card.

Reliance India Call has put forward an offer called call & save in which the call rate to call India is only 7.4 cents*. One need to dial reliance India call’s “call & save number” i.e. the toll access number and then follow the voice instructions to reach the destination number to avail this offer which is valid only from 5th September to 25th September.

Reliance India Call-Toll Free 

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