Reliance India Call Service Access Numbers

The services of Reliance India Call can be accessed from England & Wales by dialing their Access Numbers from any phone including cell phones. Calls can be made to different countries other than India by using the same account. Reliance India Call has no hidden charges like maintenance fee, connection fee, long talk fee, disconnection fee, weekly fee, Customer Service access fee and service fee. Reliance India Call has 1 minute pulse.

Reliance India Call provides two payment options prepaid and Pay after Use. The prepaid option has no monthly fees and the Voucher denominations are £2, £5, £10, £25, £50, £100, £200 and the Pay after Use plan follows a monthly billing cycle with a monthly fee of £1.95.

Even if a cellular/wireless phone is used for accessing the Reliance India Call Service, the same low rates are taken as it would be, if the service is used from the regular land phone line. Reliance India Call can be used from wireless/cellular phone in the same manner as it would be from a regular landline phone. You just need to dial the Access number and then enter the 12-digit registered phone number and 4-digit PIN, and dial the destination number as you wish to make a call. While making calls from your cellular phone, entering the PIN number can be skipped if you register your cellular phone number with Reliance India

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