Reliance India Call Offers Auto Recharge Facility


Reliance India Call offers the world class feature Auto Recharge, through which the system will automatically recharge your account with the amount you have selected once your account reaches the pre-selected minimum balance. So there is no need for you to worry anymore about your call being cut off in the middle of a conversation due to lack of balance. And there is no need for you to feel embarrassed when you couldn’t call back due to insufficient balance in your account.

It is very easy to set up this feature “Auto Recharge” of Reliance India Call, if you prefer to do it yourselves you just need to log onto “My Account>Do it yourself> Auto recharge Setting” and select the enable option, or you can contact the 24/7 Customer Care Service of Reliance India Call and provide them with the necessary details to activate the Auto Recharge facility. The 24/7 Customer Care number of Reliance India Call is 0800 376 9636.

The Full Freedom offer of Reliance India Call is accessible for the users of Reliance India Call in all countries. According to the offer if a registered customer uses 25mins on the 01234 IVP during the mentioned week he/she will get free talk time worth of 25 mins to call India. To access the “01234 Voice Portal” service, just dial your same toll-free number and dial “01234”. If anyone has got any doubt about this offer go to Reliance India Call. The reliance India phone service to India is excellent.

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