Reliance India Call’s voice portal “dial 01234” now Bigger & Better- go World Cup

Reliance India Call’s voice portal dial 01234 is now Bigger & Better, now its users can dedicate songs, jokes & greetings to their loved ones back home in India apart from accessing the library of Jokes, Movies, Songs, Jukebox, Cricket, News, Astrology, Greetings & Devotional. Dial 01234 is nothing but a voice portal with a collection of speech enabled applications that provides Reliance India Call users with a range of services for entertainment and information. The dial 01234 voice portal service is accessible in 10 different languages-English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali & Punjabi.

The dial 01234 Service provided by Reliance India Call is available at absolutely no extra cost so there is nothing wrong in being innovative and dedicating a message or a song through this service for different occasions. The charge for this service is only 18cents/minute. To access the voice portal service of Reliance India Call you just need to dial the toll free number followed by 01234.

Reliance India Call’s “Answer se World Cup tak” offer guarantees a fully paid trip to South Africa to cheer for your national team for the Twenty20 World Cup. All you need to do is, just recharge or register with Reliance India Call with $25 or more and call up their voice portal, dial 01234 and enter the “Answer se World Cup tak”. Then on voice prompting mention your unique serial number which you got while recharging or registering and answer a few simple questions. You could also win a free movie streaming on apart from winning free trips to South Africa, this offer expires on 14th Sept’07.

14.9.07 05:28

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