Reliance India Call offers affordable International Calling Service


Reliance India Call offers the best International Calling Service. International Calling rates are affordable with Reliance India Call. Reliance India Call offers faster service and 24/7 Customer Care.

Reliance India Call has

·         No connection fee

·         No maintenance fee

·         No long talk fee

·         No service fee

·         No Customer Service access fee

·         No weekly fee

·         No Disconnection fee

·         60 seconds pulse

Reliance India Call’s payment options are user friendly as its prepaid plan doesn’t take any monthly fee and its Voucher denominations are $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200. For Pay After Use plan a monthly fee of $2.49 in Canada, $1.95 in US, is charged along with the bill.  

Reliance India Call Services can be accessed from the entire mainland USA, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada by dialing the toll free numbers of Reliance India Call from any phone including cell phones.

Enjoy this festive season with Direct Dil Se offer from Reliance India Call. You just need to recharge with $50 or more if you are a prepaid customer who have registered with Reliance India Call Services before 30th June 2007 to get 60 mins of free additional talktime, Rakhi combo and upto 2 DVD's.  To know more about the “Direct Dil Se offer” visit Reliance India Call.

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