Reliance India Call: Decide on the calling service that fits in everyone’s long distance calling nee

Reliance India Call provides quality service to its customers for their long distance calling needs at the most affordable rates around. Proper research on the international long distance calling service that is of interest to you is advisable. Calling cards that offer low calling rates for different countries usually have extra fees that are added to compensate for the cheap call rates they are charging. All those cheap calling cards come with hidden fees like connection fees, maintenance fees, long talk fee, disconnection fee, weekly fees etc.

Connection fee or the first minute surcharge is the additional fee imposed by the telephone company every time a phone card is used to make a call. Connection fees add tremendously to the cost of the call per minute as it varies between 25 cents to as high as $3. The connection fee will be charged all over again if the phone number is redialed after a call drop. The disconnection fees (hang up fees) work pretty much the same way as connection fees but are charged during hang up. Maintenance fees could be as high as $1.50 and are assessed on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis and are deducted from the card without you even making a call. Some phone cards charges it when the first phone call is connected or after the call is finished.  

There are certain calling cards which charge up to25% of the phone call’s cost as communication fee which makes the call rates to be 25% more expensive in reality. This fee is usually applied after the call is ended which makes the advertised total minutes look more attractive. Long Talk fee, rarely known to lot of customers is charged by some phone cards if its customer talks for more than 20 mins. Usually 40 cents is charged for every 20 minute talking time which equals 2 cents more per minute. Multiple minute rounding means that you will have to pay more for the minutes that you haven’t actually spoken.  

With Reliance India Call a flat rate need only be paid irrespective of the city or the number you call. Reliance India Call has one minute rounding and it has no hidden costs like connection fees, disconnection fees, maintenance fees, communication fees, long talk fees etc.

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Reliance India Call: long distance phone service to India

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Reliance India Call Service is designed in such a way that Reliance India’s prepaid service meets all the needs of the people who prefer to buy calling cards. Reliance India Call service is far superior to any other calling card provider’s service.  Long distance calls to India offered by reliance communications India has excellent voice quality. Reliance India Calling service has no hidden charges, which means that there is no connection charges, no monthly minimum,  no account maintenance fees etc.

Ten lucky winners will get a chance to chat LIVE with the captain of Indian cricket team ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni’ if recharged or registered with Reliance India Call. That isn’t all 500 lucky winners will get any one of the cricket merchandise which includes cricket bats, miniature bats, T-shirts, caps etc which is personally autographed by Dhoni. All that is needed is, just Dial 01234 and answer a few simple questions on Reliance India Call’s voice portal before 24th Oct 2007 23:59 hrs IST.

The service of reliance India Call is available in England, Wales and across the world i.e. to over 200 countries. You can get upto 100 mins free talktime through reliance India call’s “Ganpati Bappa Moore Ya” offer, all you need to do is- just recharge or register with $10(£5) or more between 21st September 2007, 17:00 Hrs IST and 11th October 2007 23:59 Hrs. IST.


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Navratri Special on Reliance India Call’s voice portal-Dial 01234


Reliance India Call provides high quality international long distance phone service at affordable rates. Celebrate ‘Navratri’, a festival of worship and dance with Reliance India Call.  Reliance India Call users can now download ringtones, listen and dedicate Navratri special songs, know the significance of the festival in the Trivia section in different languages which include English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada & Telugu through Reliance India Call’s Navratri special on reliance india’s voice portal- Dial 01234.

Dial 01234 is a Voice Portal which provides Reliance India Call user’s with a range of services for entertainment and information with a collection of speech enabled applications. Dial 01234 service of Reliance India Call provides the latest information/news on Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket, devotional and Jokes. To access Reliance India Call’s voice portal just dial the Toll Free/Toll Access number followed by 01234. To know more about Dial 01234 go to Reliance India Call.


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